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Like the rest of the world, in Nepal we are shocked by the rapid and severe spread of coronavirus and the devastating impact it is having on lives and health care facilities, even in wealthier nations with more established health care systems.

UMN has two hospitals – Tansen and Okhaldhunga – serving up to 150,000 patients a year in their rural districts. They are our frontline responders. BUT, even with few COVID-19 cases in our hospitals, our patients and staff have faced a different danger.

Up to 80% of our hospital income comes from patient fees for outpatient services and elective surgeries. But when patients stayed away from hospitals as coronavirus reached Nepal (initially through fear of contagion, then due to the strict lockdown), we saw a severe shortfall in this income – a reduction of 80-90%! In the first couple of months of lockdown that was over USD 300,000 per month, and over the year from mid-April 2020, we estimate a shortfall of USD 1.5m because of the threat of future lockdowns and surges in cases causing patients to stay away or the need of funds to increase. We are very grateful to have received over USD 500,000 so far thanks to generous support from supporters around the world. But we still need to keep the hospitals going!

Our hospitals are trusted by and vital for the people of Tansen and Okhaldhunga (including the poorest who can receive free treatment). Would you or anyone you know consider donating to support our hospitals? They are needed now more than ever, and we need to save them for the future to continue serving their rural communities.

The video above explains this need.

Please see also UMN’s COVID-19 response page for more updates on this appeal.

Click here to know about ways to donate.