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UMN Support Trust was founded in 2012. It works in partnership with local organisations:

  • to relieve people who are in need because of poverty, sickness or distress or as a result of conflict;
  • to advance education and health in Nepal and elsewhere;
  • to assist the Christian community in Nepal and elsewhere to be an agent of change in society through all or any of the above or other charitable means;
  • to promote any charitable purposes connected with United Mission to Nepal, and to raise and administer funds for such charitable purposes.

We focus on partnering with United Mission to Nepal and UMN’s 50 or more local partner organisations.

Nepal is the poorest country in South Asia and ranks 157th out of 186 nations, according to the UNDP Human Development Index (2012). The difficult terrain, few roads, poor infrastructure, heavy reliance on income from rural sources and overseas, along with unstable governance, limit the rate of improvements.

The United Mission to Nepal (UMN) was established in 1954, and has made a major contribution to the development of Nepal in the areas of Education, Health, Rural Development and Industrial Development. UMN now works mainly through local partners, including churches and Christian groups, developing their organisational capacity and technical skills to implement effective, sustainable programmes.

UMN Support Trust is an independent charity. It liaises with organisations in Nepal, in particular UMN, to ensure that the funding needs are correctly identified and funds granted by UMN Support Trust are effectively used.

UMN Support Trust will not accept unsolicited requests for funding.

Board of Trustees
Alan Penn – Chairman (alan.penn@umnsupporttrust.org)
Mark Galpin
Richard Sykes

UMN Support Trust is run by the trustees on a voluntary basis.