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Local Partner: RCDC, Doti

In Nepal, social exclusion, acute inequalities, absolute poverty, lack of access to resources and failure of political structures to address these issues have made the Nepalese society extremely vulnerable to conflict. In Doti District, in the far west of the country, UMN is working with its local partner Rural Community Development Centre (RCDC) to address:

  • Social, cultural and gender discrimination and violence, together with unresolved community conflicts:
  • Broken relationships among community members are caused by different political beliefs, unequal access to natural resources and self-centered thinking:
  • Weak peace teaching and learning environment in the school:
  • Low involvement of the School Management Committee, the Parents’ and Teachers’ Association and the Village Education Committee in school activities:
  • Low ownership of the community towards the schoo:
  • Lack of skills and knowledge on peace education amongthe teachers, parents, community and students.

The project will:

  • Mobilise and empower the Child Peace Club to promote peace;
  • Develop a culture of peace between students, teachers and community members;
  • Develop and implement a Peace Education curriculum in the school;
  • Establish a Peace Library;
  • Conduct extra-curricular peace-promotion activities through the Child Club and the local Education Resource Centre.

UMN’s Doti-based staff and UMN’s Peacebuilding specialists will advise and monitor all aspects of the project to ensure achievement of planned community outcomes and benefits.

A one year programme has been planned – Total cost £8,400

Appropriate follow up projects will be identified by the community and RCDC.