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Local Partner: NJSS, Sunsari

Funding Required £12,150

Problem statements identified by NJSS and the community: 

  • People living with HIV and AIDS are not accessing health services, counselling &treatment in hospital.
  • Low involvement of youths in church activities and low openness to HIV &AIDS and reproductive health issues.
  • Low social involvement of churches.
  • Low income resources and increasing unemployment situation among people living with HIV and AIDS.
  • Many people have unsafe sexual practices because of lack of proper knowledge.
  • Low willingness of church leaders to address the issues of HIV and AIDS.
  • Low co-ordination of HIV and AIDS issues between local levels, district level, public and private institutions.
  • Need to develop skilled Community Home-Based Care volunteers inside church and non-church community

Proposed Solution

  • Increase HIV and AIDS, STI and sexual reproductive health awareness in targeted communities and risk groups.
  • Provide quality services for HIV infected and affected people including children through Community Home-Based Care – health checkups, treatment, nursing care, psycho-social support, nutritional support.
  • Involve Christian society and Churches in awareness-raising and provision of volunteers for Community Hone-Based Care
  • Provide support for families affected by HIV and AIDS in skill development and vocational training to increase income.
  • Strengthen co-ordination, cooperation and linkage with local level stake-holders to sustain HIV prevention and CHBC (District, Municipality and Village Aids Co-ordinating Committees, health institutions and others)
  • Develop trained volunteers, staffs and community health workers to run the programme.

Target Direct and Indirect Beneficiaries

3,700 households (population 18,870) of which 2,075 households are Dalit (low caste) – direct beneficiaries around 1,880

Population includes 377 people with disabilities, 3019 children, 70 known people living with HIV and AIDS, (42 female, 28 male) and 18 children who are HIV positive


  • 50% of people living with HIV and AIDS (who have disclosed their status) experience a rise in self-esteemand report an increase in the quality of their lives
  • 3% point reduction in malnutrition amongst children under five years of age in families affected by HIV and AIDS
  • 15 Churches involved in HIV prevention, CHBC and social issues.
  • 70% of the targeted youth and 50% of community membersknow about HIV / AIDS transmission and prevention
  • 50 people living with HIV and AIDS report their health condition improved, and co-operation and support received from families, community and service providers without any discrimination. 50% will be involved in Income Generation activities and increased income by 5000+NRP (£40)
  • District Aids Coordinating Committee have long term plans for HIV and AIDSand implement their annual plans for 2012-13 &  2013-14. Stakeholders in the districts have regular joint meetings to share information and resources
  • Two Village Aids Coordinating Committees have supported the CHBC & Awareness Programme
  • 5 churches have 12 volunteers for CHBC
  • Three CHBC members will trained and mobilised

Sunsari UMN Health staff have capacity to train partners in one area of HIV (Prevention, Care & Support, Advocacy).

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