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Please state which appeal you are supporting when sending your donation. Donations for AP5 (the general appeal) will be allocated where the funding need is greatest.

AP1 – Living positively – Addressing HIV & AIDS
Working with community groups, churches and schools to

  • Raise awareness about HIV and AIDS
  • Provide support and care for families affected by HIV and AIDS
  • Advocate for people living with HIV and AIDS

Programme costs
Total: £27,000 over three years

Provides addition support for at least four partners’ work

Cost breakdowns

£ 125 Provides community home-based care for one family for a year

£ 77 Provides training in income generation for an HIV-affected family

£ 125 Covers the cost of training a group of church leaders and members in HIV and AIDS issues

£ 57 Provides a goat for an HIV-affected family

£ 45 Provides school materials and uniforms to help a child from an affected family to keep studying


AP2 – Scholarships for disadvantaged students
Education can break the cycle of poverty and make a new life possible for children in Nepal, but many children miss out on the chance to study. UMN’s scholarship programme focuses on

  • Children from low caste communities, particularly girls
  • Children with disabilities
  • Children from families affected by HIV and AIDS
  • Children from very poor or marginalised families

Programme costs
£5,100 per year

Typical costs for scholarships – one year

£ 135 A primary school student in a government school

£ 185 A secondary schools student in a government school

£ 320 A tertiary student in an approved institution

£ 235 A student with a disability, in a school best suited to their needs


AP3 – General Support

The trustees will decide how the funds will be used, after discussion with UMN and consideration of the partner organisation project plans. UMN Support Trust will normally only make grants for specific projects, and not for use as general funds in Nepal.

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