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UMN and its partner organisations have been growing rapidly as each of the partners has become more experienced at meeting community needs in rural areas in Nepal.

Funds for this work is provided mostly from out-of-country sources comprising large (mostly faith based) organisations and from smaller groups and individuals from over twenty countries.

UMN works only in Nepal as an INGO (International non government organisation).

The UMN Support Trust (UMNST) has been established as an independent UK charity (reg. no. 1151842) to:

  • work with local organisations within Nepal and elsewhere to relieve people who are in need because of poverty, sickness or distress or as a result of conflict
  • to advance education and health in Nepal and elsewhere
  • to assist the Christian community in Nepal and elsewhere to be an agent of change in society through all or any of the above or other charitable means;
  • to promote any charitable purposes connected with United Mission to Nepal, and to raise and administer funds for such charitable purposes.

Since UMNST is a UK charity and is recognised by the UK Inland Revenue

  • UK tax-paying supporters canuse Gift Aid easily, increasing the value of their gift by 25%;
  • Bequests will not attract inheritance tax in the UK;
  • Paypal, credit and debit card facilities can be set up to assist people around the world to give

UMN and UMNST will identify projects that require funding and UMNST will accept funding, monitoring and reporting responsibility by promoting the projects to individuals and to UK charitable trusts and foundations. UMNST will become fully operational during 2013.